We would also like to take the opportunity to share the below pointers so that the respective centres / teachers are better equipped to answer parents' queries:

  1. How many lessons does my child need to learn how to skate?
    Please take note that different children will have different pace of learning and that some children may pick up faster than others. On average, our students learn at least 2 - 3 months to master the basics

  2. Would having my own set of equipment help in my progress?
    Having classes once a week is the minimum, many of our students actually purchase their own equipment so that they can practise between lessons. This would help speed up the progress of learning and the instructors would be able to share new skills for each lesson they attend

  3. How big is the class?
    The instructor to students ratio is 1:6: Should there be 10 students, we'll provide 2 instructors

  4. How much should I spend to get a set of full equipment?
    Students are encouraged to purchase their own equipment in view of personal hygiene reasons. Each complete set (inline skates, helmet and gears), we offer to sell at $148.

  5. Would there be discount if I use my own equipment?
    Should students / parents wish to use their own equipment, ie helmet, gears or skates, they are encouraged to do so. You can save on the rental fee of $10 for each lesson