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About Skate With Us

At Skate With Us, we make exercise fun! Skate With Us provides professional coaching of inline skating and related rollersports to children, adults and seniors. Our programmes are accredited internationally and locally by local organisations like Singapore Sports' Council and People's Association.

Our Mission

We believe in the principles of Learning through Sports and we hope that through skating, our students can gain fitness and key life skills that will strengthen them both physically and mentally. One of the first lessons you will learn in skating is how to fall. Through skating, you will learn how to 'fall forward'. Life's greatest glory is not about never falling but being able to rise each time we fall.

Why choose Skate With Us?

Skate With Us is the only skate school with a specialised programme for children age 3 to 12 years old. Our programmes are carefully researched and catered to meet the different needs of our students.

The Skate With Us Difference lies with our coaches. We have a strict selection process for our coaches. Not all the best skaters win. Our coaches go through an apprentice stage regardless of their ability. Every coach and sports facilitator go through a compulsory, rigourous training programme, learning about first aid, class management, motivational training, key skating techniques to child psychology before they can actually assist or manage a class on their own. Skate With Us Coaches are professional or internationally certified coaches from ISAAC (International Inline Skating Accredited Athletes Certification) or ICP (Inline Certification Programme).

Passionate, experienced and professional, we are all united with a common goal; to share our passion for skating and to help each and every student to maximise and realised their true potential in a fun and relaxed way.

Our Born to Skate Programme has won numerous accolades and been featured in top parenting and lifestyle magazines like Motherhood, Today's Parents, Young Families and many more!

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Inline Skating Lessons, School Holidays Programmes in Singapore