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September School Holiday Programmes 2013

Option 1: Ice Skating - Journey on Ice for Superheroes / Option 2: September School Holiday Summer Camps in Singapore

It's an exciting September School Holidays ahead! Let your kids learn to skateboard or sign them up for a Superheroes Summer Camp! Behold! All Stars Superheroes Skate Camp this September 2013! We have more new exciting missions and many more Superheroes!

With over 30 Superheroes Characters to choose from, your kids will get the chance to transform into their favourite Superheroes and attend our Summer Camp: Superheroes Skate School. Suitable for both skaters and children with no knowledge of skating, this is one camp that will teach your kids to skate and more! Let your kids enjoy the fun and adventure of the great outdoors, develop key life skills, destress, become more confident and learn to unleash their creativity. Watch out for our Superheroes Pizza Contest and the all new Superheroes Amazing Race on Wheels! Sign up for our 4 Full Day Camps before 1 August and get a Superhero Goodies Bag guaranteed!

Dates of Superheroes All Stars Skate Camp for kids age 3 to 12 years old

Step 1:

Choose any 1, 2 or 4 Days from the dates below. (Choose 2 preferred Intake Slots)

Monday to Thursday

29, 30, 31, 1 August 2013 - East Coast Park / West Coast Park

9, 10, 11, 12 September 2013 - East Coast Park / West Coast Park

Step 2: Choose a Location

Available at West Coast Park and East Coast Park

Step 3: Choose a suitable timings

2 Timings:

For Full Day Campers: 9am to 5pm

For Half Day Campers: 9am to 12pm ( AM Slot) or 2pm to 5pm (PM Slot)

Skate Camp Location

  • West Coast Park
  • East Coast Park

There are 2 types of camps to choose from Full Days or Half Days. Full Day Campers will get the Full All Stars Superheroes Skate Camp Experience while Half Day Campers will only attend the skate lessons. Half Day Campers who want to to try out the full All Stars Superheroes Experience can top up their last day to a Full Day Camp.

4 Half Days Camps: 9am to 12pm (AM Slot) or 2pm to 5pm (PM Slot)

4 Full Days Camp: 9am to 5pm

Meals included for Full Day Campers. Available at new location, West Coast Park and East Coast Park.

  • Skate@Park Confidence Course (Instructors will take campers on a urban skating route at the park and teach them safety rules e.g. how to handle slopes, how to handle cyclists, how to overcome park obstacles)
  • Superheroes Photo Booth
  • All Stars Superheroes Telematch
  • "Defying Gravity" Superheroes Challenge
  • Make a Superhero Cape Contest
  • Young Justice Heroes Treasure Hunt
  • Superheroes Amazing Race
  • Superheroes Pizza Contest

Click here to request for a registration form or register online.

SPECIAL GROUP DISCOUNTS - Happy in 3 Promotion

Group Discount: Register in Groups of 3 campers or more and get another $30 OFF each camper!*

Get $30 OFF each camper when you sign up 3 campers all more this September School Holidays 2013! Applies to both Full Day or Half Day Campers. All Campers will be given a Superheroes Goodies Bag! We welcome both beginners and intermediate/advanced skaters. Suitable for children from age 3 to 12 years old. Children will be grouped according to age and skills level. Small Class Size and excellent Instructor Ratio. *SWU Members using other promotions or the preferential camp rates will not be eligible for this group discount. Goodies bags are available while stock last.

Who can join our skate camp?

Both Non Skaters and Skaters age 3 to age 12 onwards, campers will be grouped by age and skills. They will learn skating skills at their own pace. Every child will be given a skate journal to mark their progress throughout the camp! Children will be grouped according to age and skills, there are 8 different levels under the Born to Skate programme. Our Born to Skate Programme is a specialised skating programme for kids age 3 to 12 years old. Together with our montessori partners, we have developed a programme that is a well researched and developed just for children.

Conducted by professional instructors and facilitators, it is a fun filled, enriching theme skate camp where children will learn key values through sports. Choose a 4 Full Days Camp and your children will enjoy a fun filled Superheroes All Stars on wheels!

Benefits of School Holiday Programmes

  • Small Class Size, Excellent Instructor Ratio 1: 6 maximum
  • Special Big Kids Freestyle Workshop (for children age 10 onwards) where older kids get to learn more advanced, freestyle skating or inline hockey tricks
  • Skate With Us is the only skate school for kids with a well researched, certified and specialised Born To Skate Syllabus dedicated to meet the learning needs of young children from 3 years to 12 years old. Our programmes are specially developed with our Montessori Partners based on principles of active learning and purposeful play.
  • Practical, Hands-On Urban Skating Skills to skate safe at parks
  • Make new friends, learn about teamwork through our games and gain fitness & build confidence
  • Suitable for Children with No Skating Knowledge, Skaters will learn intermediate to advanced skating skills and skate sports
  • FREE Superhero Capes and Superheroes Goodies Loot Bag for all Full Day Campers
  • FREE Rental of Skate Equipment
  • Lots of Fringe Activities and goodies like Superheroes Amazing Race on Wheels, The Superheroes Pizza Contest

Why choose a 4 Full Days Skate Camp?

(Meals Included for Full Day Campers. Suitable for Beginners to Advanced Skaters)

Location: East Coast Park or West Coast Park

Choose a 4 Full Days All Stars Superheroes Skate Camp if your child is a non skater and you wish to let your child master the key basics of skating in just 1 camp. For skaters, your children will be able to complete intermediate and advanced skating skills like backward skating, swizzles, slidings and many more!

Choose the FULL DAY Camp option and your children will get to indulge in all things Superheroes and Superhero theme games on wheels. If you are thinking of letting your kids learn to skate well, or advance their skating skills and skate safe in just 1 camp, choose a 4 Full Days Camp! This 4 Full Days Camp is suited for parents who want their children to pick up the key basics skating or improve their children's skating skills in just 1 camp. This is a comprehensive camp that covers the practical and key skating skills that your child needs to know.

There is a special obstacle course that will ensure your kids know how to skate safe in parks! With the guidance of our professional coaches, your children will have what it takes to skate safe to overcome any urban obstacles (stairs, slopes, park, drains, different park terrains). If your child is already a skater, bring him/her to greater heights as our professional coaches will teach them advanced skills like skating backwards and freestyle skate skills like slalom or even inline hockey!

Why choose a 4 Half Days Skate Camp?

(Beverages & Snacks Included. Suitable for Beginners to Advanced Skaters)

Location: East Coast Park or West Coast Park

Choose this camp if you just want the kiddos to try out skating and learn some basics skating skills.

For beginners, upon completion of the programme, your children can move on to enrol into our Born to Skate Level 1 of urban skating. The children will be introduced to the foundation of skating in a safe and fun way! This camp is especially popular with preschoolers age 3 to 7! 2 Timing Slots to choose from 9am to 12pm or 2pm to 5pm!

All Stars Superheroes Skate Camp Fees

( 1 Time Registration Fee of $30 apply. Fees include full equipment rental, snacks/meals for campers).


Read about our March School Holidays Superheroes Skate Camp and last years' Christmas Camp where Frosty the Snowman came to visit !

*Skate With Us reserves the right to alter camp activities in view of wet weather or unforeseen circumstances.

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Inline Skating Lessons, School Holidays Programmes in Singapore