Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




1) What is the minimum or maximum students that you accept?

We accept student 3 years and above. Generally, any healthy and active participant may pick up inline skating. Please inform us should you have any special or medical conditions.

2) How long or how many lessons are required for me to pick up inline skating?

We have weekend group classes where students attend once a week class. Each class is 1 hour. On average, it takes this group of students about 8 to 12 sessions to grasp the basics and be able to skate independently. 

3) Will private classes allow me to progress faster? 

Generally, yes! Private class would allow the instructor to spend more time with the student individually. For private classes, the instructor would be able cater to the specific need of the students. 






Skate Camp:


1) Will my child / children be able to skate after attending the 4 half days of skate camp? 

We’ve conducted the skate camps for over 10 years! From experience, for a total beginner, after the 4 half days, the child would be able to skate fairly well and perform a simple stop.  

2) My child / children are able to skate on their own. Will the skate camp be suitable?

The skate camp is suitable for all levels. The instructor will group the campers according to their respective skill levels and each instructor will take their respective skill level groups. 







1) My child / children have finished all 8 skills levels. What is the next progression for them? 

Firstly, we would like to congratulate your child on mastering all the skills that we can offer. The next challenge is to find a skate discipline which your child may start a lifelong passion for. 

Generally, there are 5 major disciplines:

  1. Inline Hockey (sticks and pucks)
  2. Speed Skating (very big wheels, speed, speed and speed)
  3. Slalom or Freestyle (cones and slides)
  4. Artistic Skating (think figure skating)
  5. Aggressive Skating  (think half pipes and ramps)

Each discipline has their own unique practices and circle of instructors. We encourage you to contact Rollersports Singapore to find out more.  

Have more questions? Please email us or whatsapp us.