Learn to Skate Programme

The Learn to Skate programme syllabus covers from learning how to fall safely and correctly to the essential techniques which help with stability. Learn all you need from Singapore’s only skate school for kids.  

The program was established in 2009. We have continuously developed the program over a decade with student and instructor feedback to deliver the most effective teaching methods to master core skills. From 2013, a specially programme was developed for pre-schoolers that break down the core skills even further. This allows young kids to pick up confidence to subsequently skate on their own.  

Learn to Skate programme allows both kids and adults to acquire elementary skills for leisure enjoyment and opportunity to progress to a more advanced level.

learn to skate programmes

Weekend Classes

Days: Sat & Sun

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Weekly, once a week classes. Small group sizes, islandwide.

learn to skate programmes

Holiday Camps

Days: Mondays to Thursdays

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Skate camp during school holidays. 

Skate With Us School Programme

School Programmes

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Approved sports programme vendor by Sports Singapore and our programmes are endorsed by Singapore Sports Council in the Sports Education Programme (SEP).

Corporate Workshops

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If you are looking for bonding activities, start here with our Corporate Skate Packages.

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Private Classes

Days & Locations: We follow your schedule

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Private classes are great for individuals and younger children. You can choose your own date, time and location. We’ll bring all necessary equipment to you!

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