Weekend Class Registration Form


To register, kindly fill up form below and make payment online.

1) Please submit one form per participant. Each class is 1 hour.
2) Payment can be made via Paynow or PayPal.
2) Please note that you must make payment before start of class. Classes are valid 1 month from date of 1st lesson.
3) Please take note that rental fee of $10 (if applicable) is payable to the instructors on class site before start of class,
4) Kindly check your email for a receipt and confirmation.  
5) Please take note that it is compulsory to have full set of skate equipment to attend. (Helmet, Skates and Protective Gears)                                    6) Classes may be postponed in event of rain or unforeseen circumstances.


Which type of class should you join?

Weekend 1-to-1 Class – Suitable for students aged 3 to 6 and beginners who wish to have 1 to 1 attention

Pee Wee Class – 1 Instructor to 3 students – Suitable for students aged 3 to 6 and beginners

Normal Class – 1 Instructor to 6 students – Suitable for students aged 7 and above & students who are able to stand and move on their own

Single Try Out Class – 1 Instructor to 6 students – For beginners who wish to try the sport before committing


Below are some reminders when attending classes:
1) Please be punctual for class. No make-up time will be given for late comers
2) Please bring your own socks and water for each lesson
3) Please note that all classes are group lessons, the instructor will divide his / her attention among the group. Should you prefer a 1 to 1
environment, kindly contact us for a private class
4) Alternatively, you can sign up for our Pee Wee classes. Fees are $165 for 4 lessons plus $20 registration fees.
5) Please be patient with progress. Every child is different and learn at his / her pace. Our Born to Skate Syllabus consist of 8 Levels and some skills require more than 1 lesson
6) Please note that in event of rain, there may be no lessons. You will receive an sms to the registered mobile number 1 hour before the class start timing.
7) Your 4 lessons coupons are valid for 1 month from date of purchase. You can use the lesson coupons at any of our lesson venues. Please email us if you intend to switch class location or make-up a lesson at another location.
8) Everyone attending Skate Camps/Workshops/Fun on Wheels Camp/Weekend Classes are required to comply with our code of conduct. The rules are for the health, safety and welfare of all the students and are strictly enforced. Guests unable to abide by the rules are subject to dismissal with no refund.
9) Skate With Us Pte Ltd has the right to use any photographs taken for promotional purposes.
10) I understand that should my child / myself be unable to attend classes, there will be absolutely no cash refunds. Skate With Us Pte Ltd will on a strictly case by case basis provide the necessary recourse either in make-up classes, class vouchers or stored value.
11) Skate With Us Pte Ltd will provide every reasonable safeguard for the health and welfare of each student but will not be responsible for health and accident insurance or loss or damage of personal articles.
12) The signing adult, parent or guardian indemnifies Skate With Us Pte Ltd and its instructors, facilitators, directors, employees, agents and successors, from all claims, actions and proceedings brought by the non-signing parent or guardian for any act or omission affecting the participant, and shall defend all such matters and pay any compromise or judgment resulting there-from. The parent also acknowledges that they are liable any loss or damages caused by the children to Skate With Us Pte Ltd equipment/property.
13) I understand that I or my children have been instructed to wear protective gears, including helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards and knee pads and I acknowledge that instructions will be given on how to use inline skates.
14) I acknowledge that all rented equipment are to be returned to Skate With Us Pte Ltd after each class. I am responsible to pay for any loss of equipment used by me/my children/ward e.g. protective gear bags / protective gears, helmets and inline skates rented from Skate With Us.
15) I realize that protective gears are designed to reduce the risk of injury but will not prevent all injuries. I further understand that there are risks involved with inline even if protective gears and skates are worn. I freely assume all risks and release Skate With Us Pte Ltd & associates, my instructor, my school & his/her associates from any liabilities and claims that may arise during my use of inline skates.
16) The signing adult/parent/guardian acknowledges and understands the nature of Skate With Us Pte Ltd Weekend Classes/ “Fun on Wheels” Camp/Workshops/Skate Camps programmes and gives permission for their child to participate in all the activities including excursions and accepts that there are infrequent but inherent risks associated in such activities and accepts this risk as part of their child’s participation.
17) The signing adult/parent/guardian agrees and consent to Skate WIth Us and its instructors using my personal information contained herein for the purposes of performing class deliveries and related services.


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