Inline Skating

Private Classes


Learn to skate at your own pace  

We provide Inline Skating Private Classes. You can choose your own preferred date, time and location. Let us know your preferences. Kindlyemail us or check out our weekend classes schedule here.

Private Lessons are the premium package for learning inline skating. This package can be customized to your needs.

Our private lessons can be held anywhere in Singapore. Simply give us your address and we will source for the best location closest to you. Focus for private lessons are :

  • Providing inline skating lessons as convenient as possible for students
  • Enabling students to use inline skating as a primary fitness excercise
  • Promoting inline skating as a great family bonding activity 

We provide all inline skates, helmets and protective gears. All we need is your shoe size. Students are welcome to use their own personal equipment too. Bicycle helmets are fine for learning too. We recommend strongly for you to own a set of skating equipment to get the best learning experience. Depending on your private class size and age of students, we will deploy the number of instructors accordingly. Should you have any special request, do let us know in advance. All our instructors are fully certified. 


inline skating private classes