Corporate Workshops


corporate workshops

Attending corporate workshops are a great way for colleagues to come together and build closer relationships. Team building activities help foster team work, camaraderie and good communication. This improves the local working environment and team building along the way. 

If you are looking for something fun to do to bond with your teammates, sign up for our corporate team bonding activities now. We distinguish ourselves from other workshop providers by going beyond just coordinating and organizing corporate team building workshops. Our corporate workshops are geared towards helping companies in Singapore build stronger bonds. Our professional instructors here at will ensure that participants will have an epic good time!

Conducted by our team of professionally trained coaches, we have islandwide classes from Punggol, SengKang, Tiong Bahru, to West Coast Park, East Coast Park and more! If you are looking for bonding activities, start here with our Corporate Skate Packages. We will bring all necessary equipment to your choice location. Check out our special class offers! 

Apply for the Health Promotion (Health Ambassador) Grant for your company! Details found here.

If you are thinking about organizing corporate team bonding activities, feel free to get in touch our team! 

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